1. Car Industry                                                    2. Furniture Industry
                       Thin-walled components                                                       Castors and covering components
                         made of PC, PA. PP, ABS

                   3. Saniter Products                                             4. Scales Industry
                   Parts of the controlling systems                                            Parts of bathroom scales
                    of pools and bathes (also chromed)                                      ABS, POM
                    PVC, ABS

             5. Battery Industry                                                 6. Paper Industry
                Western-Europe                                                                       Bobbins and plugs

            7. Food Indusry                                                             8. Make-up Industry
              Packing appliances                                                                             Plastic jars with inner holders
               PE, PS

             9. Electronic Industry                                                 10. Rubber Components
               Minute components                                                                       NBR, Silicone

11. Sport
Parts of skis

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